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Hello everyone! This is University (Ohio) KM. We included cases from both the 2017-2018 and the 2018-2019 school years on this page. This is why some of the cases have the name Akshat (Chowksey) in them. For any questions (or to notify us of any errors!), please contact Sukhm Kang or Nate Mayor on Facebook, or email [email protected]

For our most successful/helpful cases, look at January 2018, February 2019, and March 2019.

November 2017 - Universal Background Checks

Nov17 AC.docx

Nov17 NC.docx

December 2017 - NCAA Athletes

Dec17 AC.docx

Dec17 NC.docx

January 2018 - Catalonia

Jan18 AC.docx

Jan18 NC.docx

February 2018 - Capital Gains Tax

Feb18 AC.docx

Feb18 NC.docx

March 2018 - AUMF

Mar18 AC.docx

Mar18 NC.docx

June 2018 - NAFTA

We couldn't find these cases; we'll add them if we are able to uncover them.

September 2018 - UNCLOS

Sep18 AC.docx

Sep18 NC.docx

November 2018 - Price Controls

Nov18 AC.docx

Nov18 NC.docx

January 2019 - Federal Debt

Jan19 AC.docx

Jan19 NC.docx

February 2019 - Saudi Arms Sales

Feb19 AC.docx

Feb19 NC.docx

March 2019 - Market-Rate Housing

Mar19 AC.docx

Mar19 NC.docx