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Hi y'all!

I'm Aditya Mehta ('23), from Providence MR. We're sophomores from a small school and this is our first year debating PF. If you need to ask any questions or are curious about anything, feel free to contact me at my email: [email protected] or discord: adidas#3745

Freshman Year (2019-2020)[edit]

Septober/October, November/December, February[edit]

Did not debate, was a loser and did LD at the time. I have since turned to the good side

January: Economic Sanctions on Venezuela[edit]

March: Nuclear Energy[edit]

Sophomore Year (2020-2021)[edit]

September/October: Medicare for All[edit]

This was our first official year in PF, we did JV. We made it to: Quarters at UK, Octos at Duke & Big Bronx and Doubles at Yale.