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Hey, this page is run by Zain Ashraf (2nd Speaker). These are the cases we read during the 2018-2019 season. If you have any questions, shoot me a message on Facebook.


This was by far our most successful topic. We bid 3 times and championed Foster and Holy Cross. Excuse the stupid case names, Astroworld just dropped so we were kind of on the Travis wave.

AC LayFlame (Fire).docx

NC SurviveTheRodeo.docx


We didn't do too hot on this topic. We got to bid round at Katy Taylor, and then underperformed at UT and Glenbrooks.

AC UT.docx

NC Longhorns.docx


After a hiatus, we went to TFA State, breaking and eventually dropping in quarters.

AC UrbanDevelopment.docx

NC Gentrification.docx