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Grant from HY here <3

When I feel like disclosing I will put my stuff here.

Some fun facts abt me:

1) I don't like to prep but Jason Luo peer pressures me into it.

2) My favorite color is white

3) I have a Texas flag in my room

4) Debate is a strange addiction that takes up too much of my life.

Now that u know me, here's the stuff:


We dropped in octos because.... uhhhhhh....

Con (Tarrifs/Dumping)

Pro (Trade/Overcap)

Plano West

We dropped in Octos (again!) god help me

Con (Uncertainty/Dumping)

Pro (Eurocon/Overcap)

Blue Key

Imagine *gasp* reading a *gasp* trigger warning! (we dropped in dubs! AAAAAAAaaaa to Child Pornography)