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Hey! Here's a huge dump of our work from senior year for Nueva MS, CP, AT, and CC. The page is run by Matt Salah and Chris Conrad. Email [email protected] if you have questions. Docs are split so that rhetoric (for cases/blocks) is in one document and cards in separate documents. Also, the evidence docs are likely somewhat unorganized, just ctrl+f an author's last name.

Non-tournament stuff

Before getting into the nitty gritty, I (Chris) threw together a file at the end of senior year with written up impacts/impact defense for common stuff (heg, interventions, etc) that comes up across topics, and figured it'd be useful to share it. It's a bit outdated, but might help some people out. Rhetoric is at the top, cards at the bottom.

Chris's Impact File.pdf

Also, we had some fun demo/practice rounds on topics we didn't compete on (East Africa, South Korea Missile Defense) - below are the masterfiles for those rounds (Cases, rebuttals, weighing, frontlines, cards, all in one doc)

Nueva17 East Africa Al-Shabaab Aff.pdf

Nueva17 South Korea Aff.pdf

TOC17 - Popular vote versus electoral college

Aff Cases

Nueva 17 TOC Aff.pdf

Nueva 17 TOC Aff Case Evidence.pdf

Neg Cases - we had three different versions of the Neg case, the convention neg was our favorite but was only broken once

Nueva17 TOC Neg TPS.pdf

Nueva17 TOC Neg Polarization.pdf

Nueva17 TOC Neg Convention.pdf

Nueva17 TOC Neg Evidence.pdf

Blocks (frontlines and a bit of weighing also included in the blockfile)

Nueva17 TOC Blockfile-Frontlines.pdf

Nueva17 Aff Block Evidence.pdf

Nueva17 Neg Block Evidence.pdf

February17 - Cuba Embargo

Aff Cases - Political Diversity was UNLV (and surprise in Stanford Elims), Rels+Collapse was Stanford, Reforms was Berkeley

Nueva17 Political Diversity Aff.pdf

Nueva17 Rels+Collapse Aff.pdf

Nueva17 Reforms Aff.pdf

Nueva17 Aff Case Evidence.pdf

Neg Cases - Appeasement (lol) was UNLV, LA+Civil War was Stanford, Food+Civil War was Berkeley

Nueva17 Appeasement Neg.pdf

Nueva17 LA+Civil War Neg.pdf

Nueva17 Food+Civil War Neg.pdf

Nueva17 Neg Case Evidence.pdf


Nueva17 February Blockfile.pdf

Nueva17 February Aff Block Evidence .pdf

Nueva17 February Neg Block Evidence.pdf

January17 - Military Spending

Aff Cases - PGS was unbroken (BUT SO FUN) except in Nueva practice rounds, two versions of the case included, plus some frontlines

Nueva17 January Aff Case.pdf

Nueva17 January Aff Case Evidence.pdf

Nueva17 PGS Aff Case.pdf

Nueva17 PGS Aff Evidence.pdf

Neg Cases

Nueva17 January Neg Case.pdf

Nueva17 January Neg Case Evidence.pdf


Nueva17 January Blockfile.pdf

Nueva17 January Aff Block Evidence.pdf

Nueva17 January Neg Block Evidence.pdf

Sept/Oct17 - Probable Cause

Aff Cases

Nueva17 PC Aff Discretion.pdf

Nueva17 PC Aff Racism and School Trust.pdf

Nueva17 PC Aff Evidence.pdf

Neg Cases

Nueva17 PC Neg.pdf

Nueva17 PC Neg Evidence.pdf


Nueva17 PC Aff Blocks.pdf

Nueva17 PC Aff Frontlines.pdf

Nueva17 PC Neg Blocks.pdf

Nueva17 PC Neg Frontlines.pdf