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Hey everybody, it's Sean! I'm not 100% sure why but a few people have asked me to open source my prep on here. Here is my mediocre prep. Shouts out to my teammates Asmi, Irene, and Milan who contributed to all of it! If you have any questions about it, you can email me at [email protected]

Septober 2020 - Medicare for All[edit]

Here is our blockfile.


This was our first circuit tournament. We broke to doubles, getting a silver bid.

Here's our aff.

Here's our main neg. CW at the top.

Here's our opt out neg. It was also the neg I read at camp with Matt Koretsky from Fort Lee.

Jack Howe[edit]

We broke to semis, getting a gold bid. We read the same negs as UK, but we started reading this aff with lay judges. Thanks to Matt for the opioid cards.


I partnered with my favorite human being Anya Tang at Georgetown and we read this performance aff. It was a lot of fun. We went 5-1 and dropped doubles :\

Nocember 2020 - No First Use[edit]

Here's the blockfile. Worked with a lovely prep group from Exeter and Cathedral: Emma, Shrayes, Anya (<3), Kilin, Alm, Sarang, Asmi, Irene, and Milan. Love them.

Apple Valley[edit]

We went 5-1 and dropped the bid round. Seems to be a theme this year.

Here is our aff. It went undefeated actually I'm pretty sure, I really liked this case.

Here is our neg. Not a huge fan of neg on this topic tbh, but I think this case was ok. The weighing for it was pretty fun.


SCU went pretty well for us, went 5-1 then co-champed. All the cases are just lay versions of the AV cases - we took Taiwan out of the aff because it's a dumb argument and 900 word cases are not the move.

Here's the aff.

Here's the neg.