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About Me[edit]

This page is being run by Thadeus Smith of Kingston VS. We did decent at the state level, making it to the WA state championship twice and breaking to octafinals our senior year. In World's Schools at NSDA Nationals, we placed 44th and 10th in 2018 and 2019. This is literally everything we've ever made together, so hopefully y'all can gain something from it. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at "thadhsmith13 AT gmail DOT com", or shoot me a PM on Reddit (/u/ThadeusOfNazereth)

Public Forum Debate[edit]

November 2017

Unversal Background Checks - AFF.pdf

Universal Background Checks - NEG.pdf

December 2017

Pay College Athletes - AFF.pdf

Pay College Athletes - NEG 1.pdf

Pay College Athletes - NEG 2.pdf

January 2018

Catalonian Independence - AFF 1.pdf

Catalonian Independence - AFF 2.pdf

March 2018

Repeal the AUMF - AFF 1.pdf

Repeal the AUMF - AFF 2.pdf

Repeal the AUMF - AFF 3.pdf

Repeal the AUMF - NEG 1.pdf

Repeal the AUMF - NEG 2.pdf

November/December 2018

Price Controls on Pharma - AFF.pdf

Price Controls on Pharma - NEG.pdf

Price Controls on Pharma - BLOCKS.pdf

January 2019

Debt or Budget - AFF 1.pdf

Debt or Budget - AFF 2.pdf

Debt or Budget - NEG 1.pdf

March 2019

Market Rate Housing - AFF.pdf

Market Rate Housing - NEG.pdf

Market Rate Housing - BLOCKS.pdf

World's Schools[edit]