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Hi everyone! This is Yaman Habip '23 (Second speaker) from Milton Academy and I run this page. [email protected] if you need to contact me or [email protected] for my partner. All cases we plan to run will be disclosed here 30 minutes before the round for individual tournaments because we don't have an NDCA page. I'll disclose our full cases and blocks after topics are over.

Sophomore year (2020 - 2021)[edit]

We started doing much better prep sophomore year, with good cases and well organized block files for both sides. I disclose the cut cards version of our blocks because those have links and full citations. We also started writing cases without full cut cards (just links as footnotes) but no paraphrasing. If that is confusing, just check out one of our cases.

Septober 2020[edit]

Prac Debates[edit]

Con Case

Pro Case


Freshman Year (2019 - 2020)[edit]

During Freshman year we used the same case for the whole topic. We also only had one block file so the disclosures here seem relatively small.

February 2020[edit]

We made a bunch of changes to these files post-Corona for states but did not do good version control so they are the only cases I have. Pretty much stock cases with some good cards we found on our own. Also, this was our first blocks doc with a table of contents. Changed. My. Life.



UBI Blocks

January 2020[edit]

Aff was stock with a couple of nice finds, neg was half stock half really funky China argument. Had lots of fun with that one.

Venezuela Neg

Venezuela Aff

Venezuela Blocks

Nocember 2019[edit]

First cases we ever wrote! Also stock on the neg, cool national security argument on the aff.

OCO's Neg

OCO's Aff

OCO's Blocks

Septober 2019[edit]

I debated this topic with a different partner, Lorenzo didn't debate the BRI. Our captains wrote these cases for us, and we only went to one tournament on the topic.



BRI Blocks