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This page is run by Eli Qian and Alex Jiang. Contact email: edu.eqian [at] alexjiang8715 [at]

2019 - 2020[edit]

Septober: The European Union should join the Belt and Road Initiative[edit]

Capitol Beltway[edit]

We did well on this topic. The aff case is pretty cool.

Capitol Aff.pdf


Capitol Neg.pdf

January: The United States should end its economic sanctions against Venezuela[edit]


Aff is pretty stock. We had a good time with CLAP.

Durham AFF.pdf

Neg is interesting. We probably rewrote privatization 10 times before running it the first time.

Durham NEG.pdf

April: The United States should remove nearly all of its military presence in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf[edit]


The aff is probably one of the best cases our team has written.

TOC AFF v1.pdf

Neg was pretty interesting to run in terms of second half strategy. Mostly stock though.

TOC Neg v1.pdf