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This page is run by Anuraag Routray '20 Cinco Ranch.

We'll post our past prep for the 2018-2019 Season on this page.

You can contact me with questions at [email protected]

Junior Year (2018-2019)[edit]

Sept/Oct 18'[edit]

For this topic our cases didn't change much, just adding in spikes and making a lay case for bellaire.

Septober-Masterfile Cinco RT.docx


File:NDF Camp Aff.pdf

File:NDF Camp Neg.pdf


Grapevine Aff.pdf

Grapevine Neg.pdf


Yale NC.pdf

Yale Aff - Rewritten After r4.pdf


Bellaire AC.pdf

Bellaire Lay.pdf

Nov/Dec 18'[edit]

For this topic, our aff stayed the same pretty much through both tourneys. The neg was completely changed from katy taylor after hearing stuff from gbx.

A 2 AFF Block File.pdf

A2 Neg File.pdf

Katy Taylor[edit]

Katy Taylor Neg.pdf

University of Texas[edit]

University of Texas Neg.pdf

Jan 19'[edit]

For this topic, we had a really short turnaround from UT to strake rr, so those cases were rushed. they were much improved for UH, where we tested what we wanted to run at emory. it worked well, so we stuck w it. also, after dropping a ballot to Kempner at strake rr we decided to just switch speaker order after that round for fun. it worked well, so we stuck w that for a while. in hindsight we shouldn't have switched in the first place, prob why 2nd semester didn't go as well.

A2 Neg.pdf

A2 Aff.pdf

Strake RR[edit]

Strake RR Aff.pdf

Strake RR Neg.pdf

Immigration aff.pdf I really wish we tried the immigration aff atleast once, but aatreya said no

University of Houston/Emory[edit]

UH emory Aff.pdf

UH emory neg.pdf

Senior Year (2019-2020)[edit]

Sept/Oct 19'[edit]


Never write off an argument as unprobable on god:

Cinco's Epidemics Argument.pdf

Everyone thought this argument was fake .


A2 Gen (SDR Septober 19').pdf A2 Aff (SDR Septober 19').pdf A2 Neg (SDR Septober 19').pdf


NDF was spent creating arguments and seeing what fits. Not much to say about what happened with cases except that these were common arguments at camp but fell out of favor during the actual topic. The aff was made to avoid the funding debate, which got ruined half way through camp. The last contention was probably a contention you can only run at camp where judges are constantly learning about the topic. The neg didn't exist until the night before the camp tournament .

Cinco NDF 2019 AFF.pdf Cinco Campbell NDF 2019 NEG.pdf


We relied heavily on our aff for Grapevine, and in particular frontlining FDI. Stock arguments with good frontlines are the best arguments. Idk wtf we were doing with our neg at Grapevine .

Grapevine Neg on god 2.0 2019.pdf EU Contention - Grapevine Aff 2.0 (1).pdf


We went with the same cases for Yale (the ones above). Didn't see a need to change them.


After Yale we decided to revamp the neg again. We'd been messing around with this debt arg the whole topic since camp but couldn't really get it down until now. Aff stayed same. Going 3-3 sucked but knowing the debt arg on the neg worked was huge.

Bellaire Neg.pdf


The only change was the neg. We cut down the debt and tariffs args, and added in coal. We def should have been running coal since Grapevine; it's stock which means hella frontlines.

Bronx Neg 3.0.pdf

Nov/Dec 19'[edit]

Cinco Varsity Block File Nov 19.pdf

Glenbrooks / UT Austin[edit]

Nothing special about this topic, cases didn't really change between Glenbrooks and UT Austin.

Glenbrooks Neg 1.0.pdf Glenbrooks Aff 1.0.pdf