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Scarsdale YD(DY) is comprised of Manav Singh Dhaliwal(Second Speaker) and Brian Yang(First Speaker).

Manav and Brian are Juniors at Scarsdale High School and currently compete in both the Junior Varsity and Varsity debate categories. Scarsdale YD made its public forum debut at the 2017 Ridge Debates tournament, during their sophomore year.

Scarsdale YD was ranked number 7 in New York State for intermediate Public Forum

Scarsdale YD history:

NYSFL State Championship

Final Result: 7-1

Prelim Score: 5-0

Breaks to Double Octofinals---Dropped at Quarters (2-1 panel split)

4/6/2019 Scarsdale DY Intermediate Public Forum

45th Harvard National Forensics Tournament

Final Result: 2-4

2/15/2019 Scarsdale YD VPF


The Ridge Debates

Final Result: 2-3

12/7/2018 Scarsdale YD Open - Public Forum Debate

Case:Lit aff case.pdf

The Princeton Classic

Final Result: 3-4

11/30/2018 Scarsdale YD Public Forum Debate

Regis Debate NYCFL

Final Result: 3-0 2nd Place

10/20/2018 ScsDle DY Intermediate PF

Yale Invitational

Final Result: 4-3 Prelim Score: 4-2 Breaks at triple octofinals

9/14/2018 Scarsdale YD JV Public Forum

Manav Dhaliwal was also awarded 3rd ranked best JV speaker.

Byram Hills Invitational

9/7/2018 ScsDle YD Public Forum Open


NYSFL State Championship Tournament

4/28/2018 Scarsdale YD Novice Public Forum

44th Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament

2/17/2018 Scarsdale YD JVPF

Bronx Science Winter Local

Final Result: 3-0 4th place

2/10/2018 Scarsdale YD Novice PF

Ridge Debates

12/8/2017 Scarsdale YD Novice - Public Forum