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Hi y'all. This page is run by Daniel Wang (1st speaker) and Pierce Hollier (2nd speaker). Posted below will be some of our cases from past topics our junior/senior years. I'll slowly upload over the next few weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to message me (Daniel Wang) on Facebook.


Sept/Oct (Probable Cause):

AC_Freedom: Primary AFF on Sept/Oct Topic (Grapevine/Bellaire)

Freedom AC.docx

NC_ChildWelfare: Primary NEG on Sept/Oct Topic (Grapevine/Bellaire)

NC_BellaireLay: Meant for Lay Rounds at Bellaire (Unbroken)


AC_Drones: Initial AFF (Blue Key R1-R4)

AC_NuclearPower: (Blue Key R5, 6, Doubles and Glenbrooks all AFF rounds) I believe this AFF was 100% topical but many people probably didn't.

DA_ColtanMining: (All NEG GBX Rounds) This was a more unique argument on the topic. It worked decently I guess. It was meant to outweigh any AFF args since this topic was so AFF heavy.

DA_StructuralViolence (Longer version read in Blue Key Triples and this version was read for all NEG GBX rounds)


AC_VeteransAffairs Plan AFF (UH R3, R5 and Sunvite R1, R6): This AFF was questionably topical

AC VeteransAffairs.docx

AC_Satellites Plan AFF (UH R2 and Strake Jesuit RR): Super Tech Plan AFF -- Multiple variations of this were written with different solvency mechanisms but this is the only one that was broken.

AC CarbonNanotubes.docx

AC_MEPI (UH Octas, Quarters, Sunvite R4, Emory R3 and Doubles): This was a more unique AFF that I initially wrote before UH outrounds in like 2 hours. It was updated throughout the topic and read in certain rounds. Reading it in Emory doubles was probably the worst decision I ever made.

AC MEPI.docx

AC_AlliedAssurances (Emory R2 and 5). It was sad we couldn't read this AFF more. This was a solid AFF that I wrote after the Sunvite fiasco with our cases above. 2-0 with this AFF but we had to have the right judge and you can probably see why.

AC AllyAssurances.docx

NC_OffshoreBalancing (UH R1 and UH R4):

NC OffshoreBalancing.docx

NC_Economy (All NEG Rounds @ Sunvite and Emory)

NC PureTradeoffV2.docx

March (TFA State):


AC_Kant: (TOC Round 7) This AFF was meant to be broken in a desperate situation and that was our bubble round. It was a phil AFF. Breaking it in round 7 was probably an awful idea in hindsight.

AC Kant.docx



AC_LayLewis: Most common read AFF on this topic. We read this basically every AFF round on the circuit/locals.

AC LayLewisV2.docx

AC_DrewThorburn (NDF + Laird R3): Probably the most hated AFF I've ever written by everyone in Apex FFK/NDF

AC DrewThorburn.docx

NC_NuclearWar (Laird R5 + Bellaire Semis): Props to you if you understand the name of the NEG.

NC NiShuoZhongWenMa.docx


AC_Stacked: Initial AFF (Apple Valley R1 and 2, Katy Taylor R1, 2, 3, 5, doubles, semis, and Glenbrooks R1, 3, 4, 7) This was our most common AFF on the topic. It was very stock but we had extensive frontlines. We read this in all lay/flow AFF rounds in the above rounds.

AC Stacked.docx

AC_StackedV2: (Glenbrooks Semis and Finals) This was the 2nd version of the above AFF that I wrote. It was made for day 3 of Glenbrooks. We just added a few cards and impacts and overall solidified the AFF.

AC StackedV2.docx

AC_UrbanViolence: (Apple Valley R3, R5, Doubles, Katy Taylor R4, Octas, and Glenbrooks Doubles, Octas, and Quarters) This AFF is probably one of the best AFFs that I "wrote."

NC_Elections: (Glenbrooks R2, 5, and 6)

DA Elections.docx

NC_Racism: (Apple Valley R4 and 6)

NC Racism.docx


AC_ClimatePolicy (Flow AFF Rounds)

AC ClimatePolicyV2.docx

AC_LayAFF: (Most Lay Rounds)

AC LayV2.docx

NC_StateFailure (All NEG Rounds @ Sunvite and Emory). This was the final version of the NEG. Different versions may have been read in different rounds as we kept updating it/changing it depending on the judge. This was a hella solid NEG imo.

NC StateFailureV3.docx

March (TFA State):

AC_Districts: (All AFF district rounds and TFA State R1, 2, 4, 5, Octas). This was our most common AFF on the AUMF topic. It was pretty stock but well-written.

AC Districts.docx

AC_Opioids (TFA Doubles). This was a one-use case basically. We read it in doubles and never read it again.

DA_SaudiProlif (TFA Quarters)

NC_ISIS (TFA R3): This was a pretty stock NEG that we wrote basically for prelims. We only read it once but didn't even go for this.

TFA R3 Neg Speech Doc:

TFA R3 NEG .docx




AC_Recession: This is the main AFF I wrote for Strake for the Jan topic. It was mostly read at UH and certain cards were probably read at Emory as well.