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[[Plano_West_KR|Plano West KR]]
[[Plano_West_KR|Plano West KR]]
[[Roosevelt_GK_|Roosevelt GK ]]
[[Scarsdale_ZS|Scarsdale ZS]]
[[Scarsdale_ZS|Scarsdale ZS]]

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Note: This automated page shows the date each debater page was added. It does NOT necessarily refer to the season each person debated.


Anderson FK

Bethesda Chevy Chase GT

Edina MZ

Eli Qian

Hunter TL

Interlake HZ

Interlake WL

Laurel CY

Lovejoy CM

Massachussets Independant DA

Montgomery Blair JQ


North Allegheny NN

Oakton HJ

Oakton ZY

Plano West AW

Plano West KR

Roosevelt GK

Scarsdale ZS

Valencia PN


Acton NH

Altamont CL

Archbishop Mitty VK

Basis Independent Silicon Valley AL

Bentonville GL

Blake GJ

Blake GY

Blake SW

Blue Springs South SW

Bridgewater IM

Bromfield KS

Brookfield East AS

Cale McCrary

Cinco Ranch RT

Clements CH

Clements KG

Corona del Sol JP

Dalton CF

duPont Manual BH

duPont SP

Durham KO

Edgemont KS

Eliana Grossman (Singer)

Evergreen FS

Evergreen SK

Evergreen Valley FS

Fairmont BR

Fairmont OR

Fairmont Prep GB

Flanagan DG


Green Valley PB

Hackley BW

Hackley KY

Hawken LP

Highland NS

Hunter RT

Kempner BS

Kickapoo KT

Kingston VS

LC Anderson BF

LC Anderson CE

Lovejoy KL

Marist SV

Memorial GL

Millard North SN

Mira Loma GS

Mission San Jose GZ

Mission San Jose KM

Mountain House PF

North Broward KP

Nueva (Class of 17)

Nueva CS

Nueva TR


Passa Pungchai

Plano West ('18)

Plano West FH

Plano West HL

Plano West LR

Plano West LW

Poly Prep DM

Poly Prep FK

Quarry Lane VS

Ravenwood BJ

Ridge RW

Saint Mary's Hall MM/MV

Saint Mary's Hall PH

Scarsdale YD

St. John's MK

Strake Jesuit AJ

Stuyvesant CG

Stuyvesant LS

Unionville KR

University KK

University KM

University YK

Walt Whitman BL

Walt Whitman KK

Wayland GZ

Wayland WW


Westlake DL

Westlake HY

Westridge BM


Strake Jesuit HW